Intern Sports is your new, must-have source for Chicago/Big Ten Sports.  You’ll get the hard-nosed real-talk content you’ve been searching for, all for free. We’re just a group of college kids, looking for an outlet for our sports-infused daily thoughts. Are we qualified? Absolutely not. Are we cocky? Hell yeah. Do we like asking rhetorical questions? Definitely.
We’re just fans, but we’re here to help you get a better understanding of the sports and teams that mean the most to you. These are our honest opinions and with your help will be circulated throughout the web, helping us gain internet fame, the only real thing that matters in today’s day and age. If you like our posts share them or leave a comment.  If you don’t, then also leave a comment. Either way, leave a comment on our shit.
We will cover the following teams in depth:
  • Chicago Cubs: Fuck that took awhile. Now it’s time to repeat.
  • Chicago Bulls: Covering the GarPax nightmare so you don’t have to
  • Chicago Sox: Wait 3-5 years for these blogs to develop #2020
  • Chicago Hawks: Every other year, let’s ride
  • Chicago Bears: At least we’re not the Browns
  • ILL: In Whitman we trust (for now) INI
  • Northwestern: Tourney bound?
  • Big Ten: Covering the best conference in college sports
  • Miscellaneous: Random thoughts streamlined right here

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