With 12 of the 14 teams playing their first big ten bout (UM and OSU still focusing on football), I decided to jot down some quick thoughts about Big Ten conference play so far. As you can tell I am an Illini Fan, but I will try to be not biased in any of my writing. Comment below your thoughts on my extremely non-bias writing.


Northwestern 87

Penn State 77


Game felt way more lopsided than this, Northwestern will make the tournament (I wrote that to jinx them).


Illinois 59

Maryland 84


John Groce’s 9th 25-point loss in a game which felt like it was a 50 point loss, Maryland emulates Villanova with all of their guards.


Rutgers  52

Wisconsin 72


Hayes and Happ are REALLLY FREAKING GOOD, Rutgers will surprise some as they never were totally out of it until the end of the game.


Michigan St. 75

Minnesota 74


MSU needs Bridges back, but Minny is a solid solid team that should make the tourney if they budget themselves well.


Nebraska 87

Indiana 83


Watson and Morrow show how good they are as the two former Illinois recruits take down #16 Indiana in a game that makes Illini fans wonder what could’ve been.


Iowa  67

Purdue 89


Purdue is by far the most well rounded team in the Big Ten and I doubt they will have more than 2 Big Ten losses.

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