The Blackhawks steal 2 points in their 1-0 win against the Boston Bruins. They end their “Dad’s Road Trip” with 2 wins and will return to the United Center on Sunday to play the Canucks. The phrase, “Better late than never” resonates very well with last night’s game. With a late 3rd period goal from Marian Hossa, the only other person they need to thank for the win is Scott Darling. Scott Darling put up his second shutout of the season, and he definitely carried the Hawks through this one. Alright, let’s break it down.

First Period

There were no scoring plays in the first period, but the Bruins definitely tested Darling. The Bruins outshot the Blackhawks 17-6 which is embarrassing. As a Hawks fan, seeing the opposition put up this many shots was terrifying. I was so thankful to see the Hawks walk away from the first period without any bloodshed. They left the first period with only bruises and scratches and that was all because of Darling. Darling stood on his head keeping the Hawks in this game. At the end of the first Quenneville needed to knock some sense into this offense so they can step up for their goaltender. Game tied at 0.

Second Period

The second period was a little bit better for the Blackhawks. They definitely stepped up their play, but they couldn’t capitalize on the opportunities given to them. The Blackhawks were given 2 powerplay opportunities in the second and in classic Blackhawks fashion they only were able to take a few shots on net. Thankfully, the Bruins couldn’t capitalize on their power plays. The game still tied at 0, but the Hawks managed to reduce the number of shots put up by the Bruins. Blackhawks kept the bruins at 8 while getting 8 shots on goal themselves.

Third Period

Going into the third the only thing I was thinking was, “Man, this game is gonna end with some dinky ass goal.” Lucky, for me though the Hawks actually set up a pretty nice one. The past few games the Blackhawks have had enormous help from their 3rd and 4th line. Vinnie, Hossa, and Kero managed to put up a combination of 7 points against the Avalanche and going into last night’s game they were gonna come out firing. With 1:26 left in the third Hinostroza makes a nice pass under a Bruins stick to Kero at the goal line. Hinostroza fakes going to the net and sauces a pass right to the stick of Hossa. Hossa then knocks it home for his 17th on the season (Hoss Sauce). Honestly, it was pretty lucky the puck reached Hossa. It went right past 2 Bruin defenders leaving the net wide open for big Hoss. The third period comes to a close and the Hawks walk away with a sneaky W. The Bruins did manage to outshoot the Blackhawks 30-22. Let’s go to Hans’ Skate Shop for some highlights and insights on the game.

Hans’ Skate Shop of Highlights and Insights

The Hawks were very lucky they walked away with a win. The Bruins play in the first period made it seem like it was going to be a rough night. Luckily, the Hawks always seem to turn up the heat near the end of the game. The Blackhawks really need to thank the bottom two lines the past couple of games. Their offensive pressure has been unbelievable and without it, they wouldn’t have walked away with a couple of wins on this road trip. Although big Hoss got the game winner tonight, Scott Darling was the number one player. Stopping a total of 30 shots on net and not letting up a goal, he definitely carried the team on his back. Going into the game against the Canucks, the Hawks need to work on a few things. They have really been struggling to get shots on net on the power play. They need to capitalize on the dumb mistakes by the opposition to make sure they can walk away with a W. Hopefully the 3rd and 4th lines can continue their outstanding play into sundays game because the Kane and Toews line has been virtually non-existent. Other than that, though, a win is a win and I am happy we got the W. Let’s keep this win streak going boys!


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