For my comic, I am remediating my sound project.  It is a story about how my favorite activity was taken away from me due to physical restraints.  The story shares how this problem, years ago in my life, shaped who I am today.  Juxtaposition will come into play when comparing the frames  before the incident vs. after.

Dittmer discusses pictorial thesis in that words do not necessary have to be present for something to be considered a comic.  He states, “The core of most definitions, however, is the pictorial thesis: that is, a comic is something that is read through putting multiple images into sequence” (Dittmer, 430).  I want to try to use as few words as possible in my comic.  This way the reader has some room for interpretation of what is going on in his/her head.

Erin Bahl discusses that comics don’t just have to be something you see in the paper.  They can be used in an academic way as well “I suggest that fusions between comics and scholarship can (1) fruitfully challenge definitions of scholarly genres, (2) offer resources for designing arguments in digital environments, and (3) invite all who practice scholarly composing to reflect critically upon their mediating decisions” (Bahl 178).

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