Hurricanes grab 2 points in a 3-2 win over the Blackhawks in Raleigh last night. The Blackhawks looked like a defeated man depressed he didn’t score a one night stand at the bars last night. So many missed opportunities where the Blackhawks had a chance to score and what did they do? They used a douchey pick-up line and creeped the opportunity out.

The first period was disgusting. After Michal Kempny scored his 1st career NHL goal (6:36) off of a one-timer set up by Toews (sauce), it was all downhill from there. Hurricanes’ Lindholm and Stempniak, came back and scored two quick goals a couple minutes after to capture the lead (no sauce). Garbage goals if you ask me. Joel Quenneville needs to take a page off of Gordon Bombay’s playbook and get the trash out from in front of the net. Both of their goals were scored off of rebounds. Lindholm and Stempniak are a couple of pigeons hanging out in front of the net scoring trashy goals. Besides their first goal, the Hawks were useless. Hurricanes ended up with 16 shots compared to a measly 8 by the Blackhawks.

The second period was pretty boring honestly. The Blackhawks had numerous opportunities to score and couldn’t finish the job. Cam Ward was putting the team on his back, keeping them from losing their lead. No score in the second, but the Hawks managed to out shoot the canes after being embarrassed in the first.

The Hawks always seem to turn up the heat in the third period. I mean crank that thermostat to 75 kind of heat. Kane had a great assist though 2:54 in, not to any members of his own team, but to Jay McClement who happened to be right in front of our net (no sauce). I’ll give you a break this time Kane, McClement was in the right place at the right time. McClement wound up and took a clapper top cheddar from the meatball served by Kane. Crank up that thermostat to 81 there guy. The Hawks hung around, though. Vinnie Hinostroza redirects a shot from Jonathon Toews to score at 5:49 seconds into the period (sauce). Toews was ruthless, it was like he didn’t even see Hinostroza in front of the net. Toews ripped a shot right at Hinostroza’s who-ha’s, and somehow Vinnie managed to redirect it. From there on out the Hawks were out to kill anything in sight. They took control of the third. The puck was in the offensive zone for the remainder of the game. Luckily for the Hurricanes, Cam Ward was standing on his head preventing any shot from going in. The Hawks played down to the wire, testing Ward at every turn. Unfortunately, the Hawks couldn’t get the job done and end up with an L. The Blackhawks did manage to outshoot the Hurricanes 29-28. The Blackhawks are now 1-3-1 in their last 5 games.

Now let’s go to Hans’ Skate Shop (Mighty Ducks Savage) for some insights and highlights on the game:md12.jpg

Toews line did phenomenal being on the ice for every Chicago Goal. Hinostroza, Toews, and Hartman combined for a total of 4 points. Rookie, Michal Kempny, scored his first career NHL goal and added an assist later in the game. The Powerplay was weak, going 0-1 with little to no shots on net. Finally, the Kane, Panarin, Anisimov line were firing blanks putting a whopping 0 points in the game. If the Blackhawks want to win they need to be more aggressive on the Powerplay and show up for the entire game rather than the third period.

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