Francis Tarkenton

The NFL needs relegation. I’m making it a little different than Premier League relegation due to drafts and talent available. Bottom two NFL teams go straight to the CFL, Top two CFL teams head to the NFL. Yea yea the money won’t work, drafts become confusing, and even some high market teams, which that provide millions to the Fuhrer himself Goodell and his conglomerate, the NFL, will have to play in the Canadian Football league.

Quickly, let me mention CFL adopts all NFL rules as the combination only will become beneficial for them. What the fuck is their field goal post doing in at the front the endzone? Some Nigerian doesn’t need to tell me that causes concussions.

Fuck Tanking. The Browns were terrible so we don’t know if they were actually tanking with their franchise injured player Robert Griffin the 3rd. But at a certain point, I would go with week 4 maybe 5, in the season they realized they weren’t making the playoffs. They didn’t want to be 0-16 but the front office really didn’t care if the team won games or not. They knew if they kept losing that they would be on their way to the first overall pick. I hate tanking in any league but the NFL to me is the only league where if you tank, there are huge playoff implications on the games you let teams win.

With this relegation and promotion, you will see teams fighting out wins. Even though there really aren’t any NBA like superteams, when you catch a team like the Packers or Patriots in an off year it will hurt them way more than it does now. My one and only one stat that makes me feel for this relegation are that the Patriots and Steelers have been in thirteen of the last fifteen AFC championship games. Most likely the Patriots will be back this year which fucking sucks. As much as I wish my team was like one of those teams, I wish there was more parity. I’m not saying the Patriots wouldn’t have the same record, but the teams they play later in the season have so much more to fight for. There become more upsets. The second Jets-Patriots Game this year was painful to watch. The Jets came out with no effort, no heart, no anything. AND THIS GAME WAS AGAINST THEIR RIVAL. I know the Jets probably couldn’t field a better team then what they had, but relegation brings heart and with the Jets on the borderline of being relegated, the game would of and hopefully been closer.

Pro for the NFL is that this makes their game international. Instead of forcing the fans at Wembley in London to see Blake Bortles take on Alex Smith, and having Chris Berman wear a stupid sombrero in front of Raider nation which is Mexico City, we get international in the great superpower of Canada.

The teams that get relegated have a rough way getting back in. They probably lose their draft pick, lose free agents that offseason, and won’t receive as much money the next year. My theory is that I don’t need one to solve this issue. They pay Goodell to much to not focus on how beneficial this would be for the leagues. This solves his big rating issue that is front and center on his plate right now. Ratings would go up because meaningless games become meaningful. Finally the annual Titans-Jags Color rush Thursday night game has relegation implications.

I also want to see more parity. I want to see the Ottawa Redblacks and Calgary Stampeders in my NFL. I want to see teams try to win even if they’re 1-13. Bears Fans won’t root against their own team against the Packers for the better draft pick. Relegation works so well in Europe. Let us slowly bring it to the USA.

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