When the Pacers came to Chicago earlier this week, they were stunned by a Dwayne Wade steal and dunk for the win. A few days later, Jimmy Butler gave Bulls fans a glimpse of hope with his buzzer beater against the Nets. However, with today’s loss to the Pacers, Chicago Bulls fans were brought back to reality.

This 111-101 loss in Indianapolis put the Bulls below .500 with a 16-17 record and Bulls fans have begun to point fingers. The Wade/Butler duo combined for a total of 45 points, but it was not enough to stop Paul George and the Pacers. The loss was characterized by the benching of Rajon Rondo for the second half of the game.  Head coach Fred Hoiberg has not decided on a starting PG for the following game.

#firegarpax was trending on Twitter earlier along with the mention of Coach Hoiberg being on the hot seat as Bulls fans weep in their frustrations. A team with two big wins this week cannot build on their momentum and lose to a Pacers team that, like the Bulls, were struggling to find their identity.

The chaotic roster assembled had a surprising start to the season, but have failed to shoot high percentages and play efficient defense. Today’s game was full of blunders along with Rondo’s mishaps that lead to his benching. In my opinion, benching Rajon brings more issues than solutions as the notorious “headcase,” Rondo, often causes issues in the locker room and we aren’t even talking about the infamous locker room talk. The Bulls have one of the worst PG rotations in the league (Rondo, MCW, Grant) and benching Rondo doesn’t bring better court play to the Bulls.

The team needs to get their act togeather before the season spins in a downward spiral. Today’s game was the start of frustrations getting to the fans and players.

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