I decided to share a personal life story of mine.  It is a story that I really haven’t thought much about until our in class activity earlier this year when we had to come up with six words to describe us.  It has made me rethink my stance of “everything in life happens for a reason.”  I wanted to share my experience of, what was at the time, a major road bump in my life and how it shaped me as who I am today.  Believe me when I say, I am way more talented as a musician than a baseball player, by a long shot.

I wanted to put the listener in a personal situation that he/she may be able to connect with.  A lot of young kids play little league baseball as a kid and realize how much it means.  One of the points that I wanted to make is that sometimes you must take sacrifices to benefit down the road.  The other point to this argument it that, sometimes you don’t have control over the sacrifices that you have to make, they just happen.  You may not understand why they do in the moment, but weeks, months, even years later you may look back and say, if (insert event here), then (insert future event here) would have never happened.  I know I credit a lot of my success musically to this horrible incident in my life.

My hope is that the listen finds this easy to understand.  With the use of sound effects and samples of my work, I hope for it to make a more encaptivating experience.  Not being able to use visual aspects to help tell my story made me feel constrained.  I wish I could have added home video element to this project.

My choice to tell my story with my own voice I think panned out well.  I feel like it is easier to make that personal connection.  Other sound effects and songs helped aid me in telling the story.  I hope that it helps the listener understand the message.  In the future, I think that I would fluctuate my tone a little more.

Composing a piece for listening vs reading is very similar but so different.  Composing for reading is very straight forward.  You simply write enough to where the reader understands the story and the message behind it.  There aren’t too many limiting factors to this and would even argue that it is easier to compose with writing then it is with sound.  Like for reading, composing for sound also starts with words on a page.  However, the composer needs to realize who his/her target is for the audio piece, then adapt the way they tell their story.  This could go way beyond just voice.  Different tone, phrases, tempos, and the use of sound effects can have a huge impact on the meaning behind the story.  Sound also allows people to be more creative. Every song in everyday live has a story behind it.

There are a few different course concepts being but to use in this project.  One that my not be too obvious is the song at the end of the project.  That song itself is a remix that I made.  I took the vocals from one song and recomposed my own music to fit with it.  The vocals are transformed to a different key to match.  The narration in the project has been remediated from a script I wrote prior to recording it.  I hope that the sound effects used helped to create a sense of intimacy for the listener.  Silence is used in a way where there is nothing playing except the narration during the parts which intended to be more intense.

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